Happy Valentine’s Day!

Just got back from a weekend drinking wine in Paso Robles.  Alex stashed a chocolate cake from Trader Joe’s in the car and pulled it out during a picnic at Booker Winery.  Aw…

Booker’s house bull dog, Brutus, wanted to eat the chocolate cake as badly as I did.  I didn’t cave to his intimidating stare (chocolate is bad for doggies, right?).

Instead, I want to share a heart with you!

Lots of love from eatlovedrink on Valentine’s Day.  A big Paso post is coming soon!


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Inspire by a number of things, including your blog…..I successfully completed 6 full days vegetarianism…… Would have been more but we needed to attend a dinner last night where the principle course was paella and under the circumstances of this dinner….. I did eat it but limited my pickings to only a little of the seafood, avoiding the sausage and chicken. Today begins the re-enactment of last week. Tonight we will have a stew with dried porcini mushrooms, kale, potatoes, onion and Rosemary. A couple of things I noted after even just three days…..beans and grains are filling and a less “bulky” feeling over all…..that latter awareness makes this “30-day experiment” even
    more interesting! Karen

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