We’re tweeting (or twittering? what’s it called?)

I had a friend in town over the weekend who convinced me to join Twitter.  I know — I’m a little late on the Twitter train.   But, I never really understood it before she did some explaining.  I thought everyone was just writing little one-line status updates.  I didn’t realize that it’s an amazing forum for sharing the most exciting articles on the internet.  After talking to her for a while, I signed up and starting “following” a lot of the major food writers.  I’m so happy she convinced me!  It’s great to have a custom-curated set of sources, all passing around their favorite articles.  So, now I’m going to pass my top picks on to you.  You can follow us on Twitter (@eat_love_drink), or just check out the new box of Twitter updates on our home page.  Even if you want nothing to do with having a Twitter account, you can still click on those article links and get lost in some fun food writing for a while.  As always, the theme of the writing I pass along will be vegetarian cooking, eating and drinking, plus some agriculture issues.  I hope you enjoy!


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