Sunday baking and attempts at naturally dyed frosting

I spent several days working on a big King’s Cake cupcake post…only to flop the frosting (yes, frosting is a bit of a departure from the normal King’s Cake) at the last minute and run out of the ingredients/time to re-do things.  So, here’s what I learned: it is really, really hard to make vibrant frosting colors naturally.  I tried to the make purple frosting with crushed blueberries and green frosting with spirulina powder.  Both came out very Easter-pastel instead of Mardi Gras-bold.  In addition, the green frosting tasted terrible.  I love spirulina in my smoothies, but I don’t think it belongs in cream cheese frosting.

I frosted two cupcakes and gave up.  Until next year!  (Thankfully, this year we still have Hurricanes.)

Now to devour the remaining cupcakes frosting-free…


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