From Tennessee to Bangkok (via Beijing)

Bubbling over with inspiration after our trip to Blackberry Farm, not only did I order their cookbook, but I ordered two others:  Good to the Grain (which just got a Beard award) and Plenty.  Cookbook shopping spree!  For weeks now, all I’ve been doing is thinking about cooking.  Why?  Probably because I haven’t gotten to spend much time in the kitchen over the last couple months.

But, beyond it being a little excessive to order three cookbooks at once, it was especially ridiculous because I’m not going to be able to use them for a while.  As soon as those cookbooks came in the mail, Alex and I jumped on a plane.

And we landed in Bangkok (after a quick stopover in Beijing)!  We ate banana pancakes for breakfast and are off for a walk soon.  We’re going to be in Thailand and Laos (possibly Cambodia — our plans are really loose) for the next three and a half weeks.

So, I wanted to let you know that while we’re traveling, I’m going to try to do frequent, short posts with pictures of some of the food and markets we see along the way.  I’m hoping we’ll go to cooking school, too, and I’ll have some recipes to share.  When we get back in June, I’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen and we’ll make loads of amazing meals from the new cookbooks, old cookbooks and inspiration in-between.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy traveling and eating around Southeast Asia with us.  If you’d rather read recipes, though, we’ll be back to more of that in June.

And we’re off!


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