Pluot sorbet

I’ll be spending most of the rest of the summer reading.  I’m taking my qualifying exams for my PhD in the fall and there’s lots of prep work to do.  Conveniently, we have a little patch of grass in our backyard, so I can sit out in the sun and surround myself with library books, post-its and notepads (things could definitely be worse).  The only downside is that once I’m out in the sun I quickly forget about my books and start thinking about sorbet.

There’s few things I like better on a summer day than sorbet.  Particularly one that’s not too sweet.  I think this pluot sorbet is just perfect.  So perfect, in fact, that I pretty much ate the whole batch as I hunched over a book yesterday.

The pluots (a hybrid plum and apricot) I used in this recipe are a deep purple.  Pluots come in a bunch of different varieties and colors.  I think almost any variety will do.  All pluots have a purple interior flesh regardless of their skin color, some are just more richly colored than others.

Pluot sorbet
Makes 4 cups

  • 1.5 pounds of pluots (or approximately 10, depending on their size)
  • 1/2 c natural cane sugar
  • 3/4 c water

Bring a pot of water to boil.  Score the bottom of each pluot with a small X.  Boil the pluots for 1 min.  After, drain and rinse with cold water until they’re cool enough to handle.

Peel off the skin of each pluot.  With a small knife, cut the flesh off the pit and put it in the a blender (or food processor).  Next, add the sugar and water.  Blend until smooth.

Pour mixture into your ice cream maker (I like this one) and freeze according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


7 thoughts on “Pluot sorbet

  1. That sorbet has an absolutely beautiful color…and that book sure has a lot of passage markers! So, what’s the book?

    • Thanks! I liked the color, too (which is nice, i guess, since I later dumped it all over a white shirt)…aren’t those pluots incredible? The book situation is a little out of control. I’m starting to look like a crazy old professor (hmm…know any of those?) with my desk absolutely spilling over with piles of books jammed full of those little post-its (since I can’t write in my library books…but, man, those dumb little things are expensive!). That particular book is called The Environment and the People in American Cities, 1600s-1900s. Currently on the docket: Land Uses in American Cities (and by that I mean: chocolate sorbet!).

    • They must be coming into season now…I’m seeing them everywhere. At the farmer’s market last week there were seriously about 6 varieties. I’m sure they’ll be popping up around you, soon, too!

  2. Used this recipe to make a mixed bag stone fruit sorbet from super ripe peaches and plums. Turned out great, mostly peachy. Then again with mangoes, later in the week. yum. Great for this Bay Area summer heat ; )

    • Oooh…both sound so good! Really glad you were able to adapt this recipe! And — agreed — wonderful for the weather. I can see why you’ve been chowing down. (On a related note, I was just wondering if it is OK to wear corduroys in the Bay area in the summer?)

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