Here’s to week 9 of our summer cocktail series!

I had my very first beermosa a couple months back at an awesome little pub in Oakland called Commonwealth Cafe.  Later I did a bit of googling, and it seems that they’re most frequently made with Bud or PBR and are affectionately dubbed hillbilly mimosas.  There’s nothing hillbilly about the Commonwealth beermosa, though.  It’s a real class act.

The difference between the hillbilly and the Commonwealth versions is that Commonwealth makes their beermosas with a wheat beer.  Most recently they were mixing with Ale Industries’ Orange Kush, brewed with orange peels, chamomile and coriander.  Earlier in the summer they were using a white beer.  Really, any sort of lighter wheat beer (like a hefeweisen, not a dunkleweisen) is great.  A blonde ale or a summer ale will also do the trick.

Since my first beermosa, I’ve been drinking them surprisingly regularly.  I had one after we finished a trail running race this summer, I had another when I was attempting to recover from a devastating hangover a couple weeks back (which worked like a charm, by the way), and I plan on slinging back a few during brunch this weekend (yes, a brunch to celebrate my very last weekend of freedom before school starts up again…sigh…).  Sometimes a beermosa hits the spot better than it’s snooty champagne cousin.  It deserves some recognition.  Long live the beermosa!

Makes 1 drink

  • 8 oz beer (or 2/3 of your glass)
  • 4 oz orange juice (or 1/3 of your glass)
  • optional orange wedge or a berry for garnish (Commonwealth serves it with a raspberry floating around)

Find a pint glass, or something similar.  Fill it 2/3 full with beer, top it off with OJ and give it a quick stir. Garnish.  Drink.  Repeat.


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