Raspberry Lillet cups

We’re on to week 10 of the summer cocktail series!  To browse through the  past 2.5 months of cocktail fun, check out the Cocktails category.

Now would be a totally appropriate time to drink a hurricane, with Irene bearing down on the East coast and all.  Or, maybe, by the time the evening comes around, it will be more appropriate to drink something called a Tropical Storm, which I momentarily considered inventing this week (I think there are some drinks out there with the name Tropical Storm, but all the recipes I found were too gross).  Rather than focusing on natural disasters, though, I thought it might be a little nicer to concentrate on one of the wonderful parts of late August.  Raspberries.

Growing up I spent July and August working at a local farm.  I remember being a kid, walking the dusty rows of raspberry brambles in the early morning with yogurt containers tied on pieces of twine around my neck.  I was supposed to fill the containers and bring them back to the farm stand for sale.  And I did, eventually.  But I think I ended up eating just as many raspberries as I picked and the sun rose high in the sky before I filled a few quarts (I liked making my rounds about the farm, curiously peering at all the veggies and seeing what was ripe before returning to the stand).  Thankfully for the farm I was only paid $2.50/hour (still not sure how that was legal), because I was a total profit sink.

After those days on the farm, raspberries will always remind me of the fading days of summer.  Sigh.  So, I suppose it’s only appropriate to use them today.  This is the last of the summer cocktail series.  School has started up again and it’s a bit difficult for me to get this post together on Fridays now.  (That said, I have a killer liqueur post in the works, so this will certainly not be the end of cocktails on this blog — we’re just going to take a break from the weekly thing.)

For our series finale, we’re combining those little bursts of sunshine and August with Lillet blanc, a fortified, citrusy aperitif wine. Lillet is yummy.  It also seems to be pretty trendy these days.  I’ve seen it all over cocktail menus this summer, it was on 101 Cookbooks last week, and it even made an appearance on Martha Stewart in June as the “perfect summer cocktail.”  So, I thought I’d contribute to the Lillet fury in this post.  Hopefully, like me, you already have a bottle in hand you’ve been wondering what to do with it, other than drink it straight (which is fine, but I think it’s even better as a mixer…).

Cheers to a wonderful and full summer!

Raspberry Lillet cups

  • 6-7 raspberries
  • 0.75 oz gin
  • 1.5 oz Lillet blanc
  • juice from 1/4 of a lemon (0.25 oz)
  • 2.5 oz soda
  • optional sprig of thyme to garnish

In a shaker glass or sturdy cup, add raspberries and gin.  Lightly muddle the raspberries.  Add the Lillet, lemon and soda.  Stir.  Pour over ice into a rocks glass.  Garnish with thyme (or lemon balm or basil).


6 thoughts on “Raspberry Lillet cups

  1. This is one of the most amazing drinks I’ve seen since Allison showed me “The Oakland Car Alarm” which was so good that she refused to post the drink.

    • Oh…that is a good drink! I’ll have to share it a little later on. I’m sure I’ll be inspired after the next time a car parked in front of my house sounds its alarm for SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS.

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