Allison and Alex like to eat and drink.  Allison is a vegetarian.  Alex is not, but happily eats like one most of the time.  We cook (still learning), we try to garden (not very well) and we travel around looking for fun and unusual meals and drinks.  This blog is about our efforts to learn more about food, attempts at making and growing food ourselves and our general food adventures.

All of the food and drinks featured in this blog are meat-free.  Most of the time we’re on the local and organic train, but not always (pass me the mangoes).  Sometimes we’re really healthy, sometimes we’re not (homemade Oreos come to mind…).  We’re almost always good about sticking to a tight budget and we always use whole, natural ingredients.

When we’re not blogging, Alex likes to take photos and learn about photography (he’s responsible for all of the good photos on the site).  Allison spends her time working on a PhD at Berkeley (as you can probably tell from some of the nerdier posts).  Whenever we have vacation time from work/school, we like to head into the outdoors, usually toward the mountains or wine country.

Thanks for joining us!

Have anything you’d like to tell us directly?  You can contact us at alexandallison [at] eatlovedrink.com

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Starting our grains, greens and legumes experience. Couldn’t start earlier…..had a wonderful chicken soup in the fridge. You dad is signing on to the program in his own way…..there is still Virginia ham and bacon in the freezer, as well as fancy Iberico Jamon from my brother at Christmas. Just made some vegetable stock. Will make a winter stew (I fixed it once for you) and a mixed bean, grain and kale thing your dad found in the NYT… to keep him in the game. The hardest part will be getting used to a meal without the animal protein. Your dad has free range at school….I have a weakness for smoked salmon…I’ll let you know of our successes and failures Karen 🙂

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