Homemade Ricotta: who knew making cheese could be easy?

I started getting interested in making cheese last summer, but I was totally intimidated by the process.  I assumed it required ingredients and equipment I don’t have, plus time and new skills.  Then I discovered ricotta.  The ingredients are things I normally buy.  The only equipment needed is a pot, spoon, colander and cheesecloth (which is available at any large grocery store).  It’s as quick and easy as it gets.

If that’s not convincing enough, I should also mention that the final result is spectacular.  It barely resembles store bought ricotta.  I want to eat it with everything (which is a totally new emotion for me…I was never a huge fan of ricotta before).  I’m spreading it on crackers and toast, topping it with honey and jam, putting it in homemade calzones.  I’ve even started to dream of cannolis (which I swear I’ve never craved before in my life).  Fresh ricotta is so, so good.

Ricotta with plum jam and a strawberry

Ricotta takes 10 minutes of prep time + 1 hour of sitting.  This recipe makes just shy of two cups.

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